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Company: British Broadcasting Corporation

Brand value: US$2,618 million

Headquarter city: London

Industry: Entertainment

Year formed: 1922


The BBC is known for being one of the first public service broadcasters in the world, its mission being to provide people with programmes and services that inform, educate, and entertain. BBC is also known for the breadth of its services, which cover news, drama, sport, music, entertainment, and documentaries. The BBC is a statutory company with a Royal Charter, which recognises the BBC’s editorial independence and sets out its public purposes. It is largely financially supported by a licence fee paid annually by members of the British public. The BBC aims to be the most creative organisation in the world; it operates nine national TV channels, had the first TV channel in the world to switch online (BBC Three in 2016), it pioneered interactive TV through its Red Button tool, and has 10 national radio stations, TV and radio services for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, more than 40 local radio stations, BBC Online, and the BBC World Service. In the past year, BBC Three has moved entirely online and has undergone a brand refresh to attract a younger audience. In 2017, the BBC has marked the 50th anniversary of The Sexual Offences Act 1967 with a season of programming called “Gay Britannia” celebrating LGBTQ+ communities. The BBC was the subject of the news itself in mid-2017 when publication of the salaries of its highest-paid stars revealed a significant gap between the top male and female earners in both news and entertainment.


The BBC has a strong international presence. BBC World News provides 24-hour, English-language international news in more than 200 countries, and the BBC World Service delivers a wide range of radio, TV and online services in multiple languages. The commercial arm of the operation, BBC Worldwide, supports the BBC’s public service mission and seeks to generate revenue from BBC content around the world. Around a quarter of the BBC’s revenue comes from BBC Worldwide.