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Company: ABInBev

Brand value: US$1,595 million

Change since 2019: 0%

Headquarter city: Leuven, Belgium

Category: Beer

Year formed: 1873

Beck’s pilsner beer was first brewed in Bremen in 1873, and has become the biggest-selling German beer in the world. As premium brand, it is positioned as a drink to share with friends on a night out or as an accompaniment to casual dining. Beck’s has become a young person’s drink, linked through a series of campaigns to a sense of fun, freedom, and determining your own destiny. In mid-2018, Beck’s launched a new digital campaign with the message “Erst mit dir wird’s legendär”, meaning “Only with you it’s legendary”. One element of the campaign invited consumers to create their own labels via an app, and 40 designs would feature on limited-edition bottles. In 2019, Beck's turned WhatsApp chat into an entertaining, Beck’s-flavored comic strip. The Beck’s app, called “Heroes of the Night” can turn any chat history into an original comic.