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Beer Brand Building Action Points

Brand Building Action Points


1.         Anticipate change

Pay attention to women and younger consumers with different taste profiles. Find out what is meaningful and different today and anticipate how tastes may change.


2.         Be honest

Brands that establish and sustain relevant and clear positioning are most likely to thrive in a slow-growing category. Winning brands will be those whose proposition is true and remains true over time.


3.         Communicate with consistency

With useful data about people’s attitudes, expectations, and behaviors, it is possible to communicate in ways that resonate across geographies and demographics, while maintaining the core brand positioning.


4.         Communicate across media

Get the message out with TV, but also with new experiences and engagements. Younger people, in particular, are looking for experiences. Know the people, then find the medium.


5.         Seize the moment

In a fragmented and crowded market, it is important to understand the dynamics at the moment of purchase and stand out as distinctive.