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Beer Insight | Ingredients

Craig McAnsh

Senior VP, Marketing and Branding

Kantar Consulting, Futures Practice



Craft brewers

focus on adding

malts and yeasts


One of the leading-edge trends we are seeing in the craft beer category is new focus being put onto ingredients other than hops (and adjunct flavorings). Specifically malts and yeasts. Specialty, local malt roasters are adding nuances to their products and flavor profiles. Riverbend Malt house in Asheville, North Carolina, is a good example. Another trending area for craft beer is the continued trend toward food pairings—following the rituals of wine.  White Labs, the largest yeast manufacturer, has opened a production facility and tap room with a gourmet kitchen. You can purchase the same beer made with different yeast strains to enjoy different flavor profiles. Of course, the wild yeast (sour beer) trend continues as well, with appeal to female consumers.