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Best of both worlds

Best of both worlds

How addressable TV promises both reach and precision

Janine Liu

Managing Partner, Digital & Programmatic



Andrea Zenner

Managing Partner, Media Consulting



Lidija Zickar

Director, Media Consulting



In today’s digitized world, linear television still remains a powerful mass medium for national advertising campaigns. Its combination of high reach and the emotional power of moving images makes it an unrivalled foundation for strategic media planning. As the adoption of internet-connected smart TV accelerates in Germany, it offers promising new potential for marketers by offering data-driven personalized advertising, also known as addressable TV (ATV).

Addressable TV combines the advantages of TV and the digital world: the emotional and involving impact of moving images, guaranteed reach, and brand-safe TV environment can now be enriched with new digital opportunities such as targeting and frequency management, based on household viewer data. Traditional TV can therefore become more personalized and enable better media efficiency.

Joining forces

The main players in German advertising have started to work together to leverage the growth potential of ATV. ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE and media group RTL Deutschland, the two leading German TV broadcasters, have teamed up to launch their first ATV joint venture: d-force. With d-force, both TV broadcasters will make their ATV inventory technically available on a single tech stack, Active Agent DSP.

This holistic technology approach enables them to develop their ATV products and establish measurement standards in the market more quickly. Marketers and media agencies can also benefit from d-force. First of all, this enables us to run cross-channel targeting and frequency capping across ATV and videos for the first time, while eliminating unplanned multiple contacts so that we can achieve higher reach efficiency for our clients. Besides that, we have more flexibility to use our own data or third-party data via the DSP itself.

Small and medium business marketers with small budgets are winners as well. They can now explore personalized ATV for better reach efficiency, without a big TV commitment. For consumers, television ads will become more relevant through more individualized advertising.

Bigger impact

Independent of our industry alliance, we already have our first bullet-proof evidence that addressable TV has a positive impact on advertising effectiveness: a range of personalized ATV campaigns executed for several top MediaCom clients.

For eBay Kleinanzeigen, a German classified ads platform, we developed and executed a personalized ATV concept together with Ad Alliance (SpotX/smartclip). In this campaign, we leveraged third-party data to specifically target consumers who were interested in online shopping.

Our partner’s ATV SwitchIn technology ensured that a banner ad for the brand displays for 10 seconds immediately after the viewer changes channel in the middle of the current linear television programme, based on our targeting. The unique, standalone position of the eBay Kleinanzeigen SwitchIn banner achieved very high levels of consumer attention and had a long-lasting effect, in combination with a traditional TV spot. SpotX/smartclip, the ad tech serving and marketing platform for this campaign, was also able to map interest in online shopping with GfK data to achieve maximum relevance for the defined target group.

Overall, the SwitchIn XXL format used in the eBay Kleinanzeigen campaign achieved high acceptance over all measured brand study parameters. The combination of TV and ATV also had a positive effect on the usage intent (+13 percentage points compared to exclusively regular TV contact). Consumers’ interest in buying and selling (+8 and +7 percentage points, respectively) was also improved by the ATV and TV combination, compared to standalone TV.

ATV transforms TV ads from programme-oriented towards a user-centric approach. Even though there remain some market and technical challenges, we are ready to leverage the power of TV and targeting in our approach to ATV.