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Beyond the generational- new communities

Christophe Manceau 
Insight & Strategic Planning Director, Media Division

Beyond the generational: new communities

Forget Millennials and the craze for organic. Instead, the most discerning marketers will seek to connect with new emotion-based communities through interest-based innovations.

Attempts to analyze Millennials have shown us that generational segments are illusory. It is by combining tastes, opinions, activities and media that successful marketers are starting to identify different key groupings: so-called emotional communities.

These community definitions also extend to consumer/brand relationships. Today, the consumer seeks out media products, services and formats for the emotions they evoke and the values they reflect. And digital tools are making it possible to bring together communities of emotion around practices such as sport, tourism and food, which have many overlapping areas. They are a goldmine in terms of sourcing for brand strategy.

Besieged with information overload, the attention that a consumer pays to an advertisement is now only five seconds. To deliver a message to an individual, it is essential to establish a connection that is precise in its emotional impact. Brands should take the opportunity to be relevant to consumers by understanding and supporting their interests. It is no longer a question of focusing on satisfaction but on customer commitment, built around values that are resistant to media overload.