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Company: Axel Springer SE

Brand value: US$696 million

Headquarter city: Berlin

Category: Publishing

Year formed: 1952


BILD is the biggest-selling daily tabloid newspaper in Germany, selling close to 1.8 million copies a day for less than a euro per copy. It is publisher Axel Springer’s flagship news publication, and describes itself states as Europe’s biggest daily newspaper. It is both loved and hated in Germany for its provocative style. BILD is produced from Berlin, and promises to keep its readers informed and determine the topics of the day. BILD has also “reader reporters” who broaden the scope of coverage by contributing photos sent by email or MMS. BILD’s motto is prominently displayed below the masthead: “Unabhängig, überparteilich ("independent, non-partisan"). Until 2016, the paper also urged readers through its advertising to “Bild Dir Deine Meinung!”, which translates as "Form your own opinion!". This is a play on the words bilden, which means to form, and Bild, which means picture and is the paper’s name. The newspaper is sold almost entirely at newsstands rather than by subscription; at key moments, such as before an election or to mark Bild’s 60th anniversary in 2012, free copies are given away to almost all of Germany's 41 million households. BILD was one of the first newspapers with a paid online content model; some stories can be seen for free, with paid access to other content. The paper is also active via its app and via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In September 2017, a new advertising slogan was launched for the brand: “Bescheid wissen statt nachplappern” (“Knowing instead of parroting”). In 2016, Tanit Koch became editor-in-chief; she took over from long-time editor Kai Diekmann. BILD parent company Axel Springer is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and has been a constituent stock of the MDAX index since 2010.