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Company: Bofrost Dienstleistungs GmbH & Co. KG

Brand value: US$1,312 million

Change since 2019: -7%

Headquarter city: Straelen

Category: Food & Dairy

Year formed: 1966

Bofrost* has grown from a delivery service, begun with just one converted VW bus, into Europe's largest direct seller of frozen food, operating in 13 countries. It has recently expanded its range to include wine, in addition to regular bofrost* range of frozen pastries, vegetables, pizzas, seafood and ice-cream. Goods are delivered to customers’ doors by salespeople/drivers widely known as “the Bofrost Mann” (or woman). This closeness to consumers has helped bofrost* – and its competitors in the home-delivery sector – to grow in recent years, as direct feedback from consumers helps inform new ranges and flavors. bofrost* has about 70 percent of the market in Germany, with a network of 115 branches supplying 2.5 million homes via close to 3,000 special deep-freeze vehicles. The brand has recently introduced more transparent nutritional labelling to help consumers achieve a balanced diet, and supports social responsibility programs that help children. Business economist Jörg Körfer became head of bofrost* in 2019.