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Bouygues Group

Bouygues Telecom NEW! #48

Parent Company: Bouygues Group

Brand Value: $782 million (US$)

Change from 2019: N/A

Headquarter City: Paris

Category: Mobile & Internet Communications

Year Formed: 1995

Bouygues Telecom, part of the Bouygues group, is a French mobile phone, internet service provider and IPTV company and a major player in the French electronic communications market. The company’s mission is to innovate and “deliver the best possible digital experience for everyone by developing uses.” Bouygues Telecom was one of the earlier companies to offer 4G and established the largest 4G network in France, as well as working to bring internet access and connectivity to rural areas; in 2018, it was named the number one operator in rural areas by Arcep, the French telecoms regulator. The company has also invested in 5G, connecting the Internet of Things in a series of partnerships, as well as conducting proprietary research into tech-related ethics and health issues. To support its Internet of Things initiatives, it has created a dedicated subsidiary, Objenious, aimed at connecting millions of objects in French cities. It posted €5,086 million in sales in 2017 and currently has 20.5 million customers and over 8,000 employees.