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Company: BP plc

Brand value: US$13,237 million

Change since 2018: 12%

Headquarter city: London

Industry: Energy

Year formed: 1908

Although BP is an oil and gas producer, it is best known to UK consumers for its network of over 1,280 filling stations around the country, which make it the largest single-branded network in the country. BP describes its business as moving energy around the globe. The energy industry is having to adapt to a market increasingly concerned about fossil fuels and their environmental impact. In early 2019, BP launched its biggest brand campaign in a decade, a global advertising push called “Possibilities Everywhere”. It shows BP’s efforts to embrace clean energy, including a series of short videos showing BP’s plans to increase energy production while lowering emissions, and features the brand’s partnership with European solar energy company Lightsource. The brand is increasing its support for the Paralympics, which it has been associated with since 2008, with global director of brand Duncan Blake calling the Paralympics “sport’s best-kept secret”. BP operates 18,000 retail sites in 72 countries, its largest division being BP America, in the US.