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Brand actions for navigating the New Normal


Brand actions for navigating the New Normal

  1. Emphasize wellness

The pandemic intensified the importance of health and wellness, an ongoing global cultural shift. When relevant, link product and services with a holistic view of health.

  1. Take care of employees

Consumers expect brands to keep workplaces safe and hygienic. These activities are a high priority for consumers who also express a desire for more flexible work hours.

  1. Be environmentally friendly

The pandemic illustrated the power of nature to suddenly alter daily life, strengthening consumer commitment the environment. A large proportion of consumers say they are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products.

  1. Expand the mission

Create products and services that not only improve the lives of individuals but that also contribute to the overall uplift and welfare of Chinese society.

  1. Broaden the base

Consumers throughout China experimented with new brands during the pandemic, often influenced by social media. Social media and other channels continue to be opportunities for finding new customers and also for strengthening loyalty among customers more open to trying new brands.

  1. Show pride

Develop products and communications that link with the growth pride for China’s accomplishments, history and culture. Created or designed in China can be important brand credentials.

  1. Demonstrate price flexibility

Financial stress during the lockdown generated a sense frugality. Consumers expected brands to demonstrate concern by offering discounts or promotions. Although premiumization in some FMCG categories slowed, consumers remain interested in premium or luxury products and services that offer good value and affordability.

  1. Adjust the channels

The pandemic at-home experience influenced media habits, increasing the time people spent online for entertainment or shopping. Be present on the expanding channels, which included O2O, live streaming, and community group purchase, where neighbors or families and friends combine their orders to earn a group discount.

  1. Anticipate new needs

Anticipate the new wants and desires inspired by changing consumer values, attitudes, and behaviors. For example, time spent working at home accelerated the desire to achieve a better balance between work and personal life. Respond with innovative products and services that meet expectations for quality and affordability.

  1. Strengthen brand equity

Strong brand equity becomes especially vital to sustain growth during uncertain times. It helps to align the brand with consumer priorities as they expand from care-related concerns like personal health to an interest in new experiences and a willingness to dare to take greater risks.