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Brand Building Action Points

  • Go young
Get your youth-oriented marketing right. Youthful key opinion leaders such as pop star Lu Han, a singer, actor and male style icon, are bringing venerable luxury houses like Cartier to a new, younger audience.
  • Go experiential with e-commerce
Given the challenges of executing brilliant in-store experiences consistently across China’s vast market, digital channels allow you to get your brand perfectly delivered every time. Nearly two-thirds of post-90s consumers say the uniqueness of a product is worth more than a big brand name, and the same percentage reported that they want to be first in their peer group to try new things. Deliver novelty to customers through your e-commerce platform, and they’ll buy your brand online.
  • Go far away
Chinese post-90s consumers view being adventurous as a critical attribute to develop and maintain into adulthood. As travel is a key mechanism to realize that sense of adventure, China’s outbound tourism boom will continue to grow. Several European airports are now targeting this market by using WeChat pushes to drive Chinese consumers to duty free offerings on-site. Follow their lead and begin activating your Chinese marketing overseas to reach travelers when they’re in high-spending holiday mode.