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Brand growth in the data age

Brand growth in the data age

Hiroyuki Hosomi

Senior Planning Director, Japan

Wunderman Thompson


Powerful brands do not merely provide people with products and services. They bring benefits to people’s lives – benefits such as contentment, delight, and convenience – via brand communications and experiences that are distinctly different from anything else. By experiencing these positive benefits again and again, people develop attachments to brands – and are more likely to purchase from them. This leads to brand growth.

We believe that bringing inspiration to people’s lifestyles, purchases, and usage experiences is indispensable for brand growth. And we believe that inspiration is created from the confluence of creativity, data, and technology.

At first glance, data and inspiration are notions that seem contrary to each other. In fact, data brings forth an array of inspirations, as seen in the below chart. For example, consider one of the major causes of global warming – carbon dioxide emissions. Japan's per capita carbon dioxide emissions in fiscal year 2018 were about 1,920 kg CO2, of which 47 percent came from electricity usage. From there, we can see that electricity conservation can help to reduce CO2 emissions and, more importantly, prevent global warming. With these pieces of data as our starting point, we can begin to brainstorm product and marketing ideas that would bring that per capita emissions figure down – with a special focus on reducing electricity. From just a few powerful pieces of data, we could begin to build an impactful environmental campaign!