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The BrandAsset Valuator (BAV) is a study of consumer brand perceptions, measuring brands on imagery and equity dimensions in a category agnostic fashion. By understanding and exploring a brand against the broader dynamics of culture, BAV can uniquely provide insight into a brand’s larger role in the evolving cultural marketplace and provide actionable insights that drive both brand growth, and the brand’s impact on culture.

BAV has been collecting cultural insights about brands for 24 years, having spoken to over 1.2 million consumers globally. In India, BAV has been tracking thousands of brands on the same 75 brand associations, including 48 imagery dimensions, since 1997. The evolution of the brandscape in India has been meticulously measured and studied by BAV, and reflects the culture of the times and consumer attitudes.


For more information about BAV and its Cultural Rankings, please contact CEO Michael Sussman at Michael.Sussman@yr.com.