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Brand Power varies by category and country

Gaming brands score consistently in Brand Power, electronics fluctuate

Consumer electronics and mobile gaming, the categories that lead the BrandZ™ China Top 30 Export Brands in number of brands and total Brand Power, achieve high Brand Power scores in each of the seven country markets studied for this report, but in different ways


The Brand Power scores for mobile gaming brands are fairly consistent across country markets, while the scores for consumer electronics brands fluctuate. The consumer electronics brands score higher in Spain and lower in the US and Japan.


These variations point to market differences that impact export efforts in these categories. The consistency of mobile gaming Brand Power scores reflects the relative uniformity of the category’s unique demographic, a global audience of young people with similar values and a shared interest in gaming.


The consumer electronics brands reach a broader and more mixed audience, where attitudes vary by country. Spanish consumers tend to be more value-driven. In the US and Japan consumers enjoy extensive product choice, which includes many domestic brands. Quality is a concern, particularly in Japan. A recent BrandZ™ global study found that worldwide 16 percent of consumers hold negative views about Chinese products, compared with 29 percent of consumers in Japan. 


Brand Implications

These findings reveal how Brand Power scores fluctuate by category and by market, important knowledge for understanding the consumers’ inclination to purchase a brand. This knowledge can help brands assess markets, decide what markets to target, and more effectively allocate investment for brand building.