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International giants top inaugural French league table


The value of the BrandZ Top 50 Most Valuable French Brands 2018 ranking is concentrated at the top, with luxury names and personal care brands taking six of the top 10 positions. The top two brands alone – Louis Vuitton and Hermès – between them account for more than a quarter of the brand value of the entire French Top 50.


This concentration of value at the top of the ranking is consistent with country rankings in the UK and Spain, and with other markets around the world. There is less concentration at the top of the Global Top 50 ranking because there are so many huge, valuable global brands, and their scale is more evenly matched.





Categories and brands

France’s role as the global home of high-end fashion, luxury and beauty make it natural to find that luxury and personal care brands play a pivotal role in determining the shape and size of the Top 50 French Brands ranking. There are 15 luxury and personal care brands; most are near the top of the list, and between them contribute 56 percent of the total brand value in the ranking. The prominence and influence of these brands is distinctly French. In no other BrandZ ranking has this phenomenon been evident.


Utilities and finance brands also feature strongly, as they do in many BrandZ country rankings around the world. There are seven banking and insurance brands in the French Top 50. Their financial scale gives them a head start, and the best of them nurture that strength with investment in brand building.


Food and drink brands – featuring a combination of the most luxurious and the most accessible products – also play an influential role in the ranking, taking 11 of the Top 50 places. Brands ranging from Rémy Martin to Actimel between them account for 7 percent of the value of the Top 50.



Orange stands alone at the Top 5 of the French BrandZ ranking as the sole telecommunications business surrounded by the big names in luxury and personal care. The brand is seen as a premium player in its category, but is also innovative in the services it offers and the way it communicates. A new strategy shows consumers in a light-hearted way how Orange can help them manage their health, family, work, money, home – and have fun at the same time.