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Brands’ new expectations of real-time insights

Anne-Charlotte Le Bras

Key Account Director, Brands France, Profiles Division


Brands’ new expectations of real-time insights

Brands are facing a revolution in consumer insight technologies, and expectations are higher than ever.

Our role as insight experts is to build the bridge between consumer insights and technologies. We increasingly function as an agile partner, an expert who provides the best mix of high-quality data and technologies, and works quickly. This means utilizing a large range of market research tools, from in-depth surveys to do-it-yourself solutions. Increasingly, we are integrating artificial intelligence into market research, utilizing new social media, and mixing methodologies, so we can be bolder and more creative.

Real-time, easily digested data is key: brands are customer centric and want to know exactly what their audience buys, how they consume, and how they act, at anytime and anywhere. Brands have high expectations when it comes to understanding their audience behaviors, and require the same standards when analyzing data. They want market research to be presented in easy-to-digest reports, in which data is readable and accessible to all, regardless of their level of knowledge about market research.