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Brands need to “resolve to evolve”

Brands need to “resolve to evolve”

Kirti Rampal

Account Director

Kantar, Insights Division

No one knows for certain how people will animate their lives with the pandemic still looming. But one can imagine that the new normal will be characterized by flux – like an evolution – some of which will be slow, and some drastic.

With a market that is brimming with change, brands need to “resolve to evolve.” For brands to make a dent, they have to be ahead of the curve and churn out solutions faster than others – and possibly outdo their own pace of delivery as well. Agility in designing and delivering products and ideas will be key to succeeding in these changing times. Moreover, one can never be sure when the new normal will start changing again; hence, brands need to be brave and resilient, be open to failures, and create plenty of backup plans.

The new normal will be marked by consumers’ need to feel secure, safe, comforted, and connected. Brands have an important role to play in delivering these desired emotional states. Safety, trust, and value will be core currencies for brands to deliver in the times to come.

Not only for the human race, but for brands as well, it will be the survival of the fittest!