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BrandZ™ Category Analysis: Oil and Gas

Multinationals drive value,

but nationals inspire Love


The oil and gas brands score well on all five aspects of BrandZ™ Vital Signs, especially Love, with a score of 111. A score of 100 is average. Who would have thought? The high Love score reflects the division of the category into two groups: the multinational oil companies, which live in the tension between supplying the earth’s energy needs and justifying the resulting impact on the earth; and the national oil companies, which are state-owned and loved as country brands that drive local wealth.


The multinationals produce just over three-quarters of the BrandZ™ Oil and Gas Top 10 value, a proportion that rose slightly since 2010 because of the scale of these companies, their technical expertise, and their diplomatic prowess in being able to partner with national companies that often have access to oil reservoirs. They score only average in Brand Purpose, Love, and Meaningful Difference compared to the national companies. The scores do not fluctuate much over time.


Brand Implications

Until now most multinationals focused on burnishing brand reputation with heads of state, legislators, analysts, journalists, and other influencers and decision makers who could help secure government contracts and shape key legislation. The multinationals paid less attention to the consumer-facing brand, but that may change now that consumers have loudly asserted their voice with Brexit, populism across Europe, and the election of Donald Trump.