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BrandZ™ India Top 50 portfolio outperforms rate of SENSEX growth

BrandZ™ India

Top 50 portfolio

outperforms rate

of SENSEX growth

Strong valuable brands deliver

superior shareholder returns

Over the past five years, a stock portfolio of the BrandZ™ India Top 50 Most Valuable Indian Brands increased 39.2 percent in value, almost double the growth rate of India’s SENSEX, a weighted index of 30 stocks on the Bombay Stock Exchange that increased only 21.4 percent.

The BrandZ India Top 50 Portfolio outperformed SENSEX even during the volatile periods following tax reform in 2017, and demonetization in 2016, when the government removed certain currency from circulation to accelerate the shift to financial digitization. And the Brand India Top 50 Portfolio recovered quickly from these disruptions.

This performance by the BrandZ™ India Top 50 Portfolio demonstrates the critical ability of strong, valuable brands to consistently generate superior returns for shareholders. Additionally, high-value brands are better able to expand market share and command premium pricing.

Quantifying the stock market impact of high-value brands, $100 invested in the BrandZ™ India Top 50 Portfolio in 2014 would have grown to around $139 in 2018. However, $100 invested at the same time in SENSEX stocks would be worth only $121. Investors gain an additional 15 percent return on investment with the BrandZ India Top 50 Portfolio.