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BrandZ™ Category Analysis: Beer

Communications drive brand value increase
The BrandZ™ Beer Top 10 grew 188 percent in value over the past 12 years. The ability of the brewers to communicate about their brands helped drive that growth. The Beer Top 10 score well in Communications, but receive average scores in the four other BrandZÔ Vital Signs: Brand Purpose, Innovation, Experience, and Love.
Over the past 12 years, The BrandZ™ No. 1 beer, Budweiser, grew 118 percent in value, a significant increase, but much less than the 669 percent increase by the Latin American brand Skol, which experienced the greatest value rise of the Beer Top 10 during that period.  
The disparity illustrates the possibility of achieving sharper value growth, and competing more effectively against a key category disruptor, craft brands. The consolidation of the major global brewers, AB InBev and SABMiller, creates a portfolio of 500 brands, adds financial power and reach, but it does not remove the threat of craft.
Part of the solution may be found in Latin America, home to four of the BrandZ™ Beer Top 10: Skol, Corona, Brahma, and Aguila, which are also Latin America’s most valuable brands. Consumers view Latin American beers as Fun, Sexy, and Trustworthy, while European and US beers score only average on those characteristics.
Brand Implications
In the US and Europe, the beers viewed by consumers as Fun and Sexy tend to come from the craft brewers. The major brewers need to increase their Innovation scores, and continue to communicate effectively, but with refreshed stories. AB InBev, and other majors, have an opportunity to build exciting, differentiated brand portfolios as they continue to expand in both mature markets and the fast-growing markets of Africa and Asia.
Communications drive value growth…
The Beer Top 10 score 105 in Communications, but receive average scores in the four other BrandZÔ Vital Signs: Purpose, Innovation, Experience, and Love.
… But the impact of communications varies by region
Brand personality and characteristics vary by region. Latin American brands score well in being seen by consumers as fun, sexy, and trustworthy, while European and US brands score only average.