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BrandZ China Top 100 stocks outperform the stock market

Valuable brands deliver superior shareholder returns
In a year of uncertainty and change, one reality remained reliable and consistent – high value brands outperformed the stock market.
The BrandZÔ China Top 100 Portfolio, which includes all the brands in the China Top 100 ranking, continued to appreciate, even during a period of slower GDP growth, economic transition, and geopolitical surprises. The portfolio has increased 76 percent since July 2010. In contrast, the MSCI China Index increased only 6 percent over the same period.
Even more striking is the 152.7 percent rise of the BrandZÔ China Top Brands by Brand Contribution Portfolio. This portfolio includes the brands in the BrandZÔ China Top 100 with the highest scores in Brand Contribution. Brand Contribution is a BrandZ™ measurement of brand strength, the influence of brand alone on earnings, with other factors stripped away.
These results demonstrate the reality that brand strength provides stability, even in volatile times, and the investments brands make to build value are measurably rewarded in the stock market.
Valuable brands deliver superior shareholder returns: $100 invested in the MSCI China in 2010 would be worth only about $106 today. That $100 invested in the BrandZ™ China Top 100 would be worth $176, and it would more than double to around $253 in the Brand Contribution Portfolio.