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Breaking down age barriers

Matteo Pelo

Client Creative Director




Breaking down age barriers

People often rely too heavily on gut feeling when judging different age groups – especially in advertising. “Young people do this, millennials that, and everyone else is too old to even understand what we’re talking about.” 

In meetings you hear: “That older age group doesn’t chat/use social media/engage online that way - they are completely out of target.” There’s nothing less insightful and more socially colorblind than comments like these. There are exceptions, of course. Some platforms are aimed at younger audiences - but this shouldn’t exclude certain age groups just because “they’re old”. 

It’s surprising how most people actually act the same way with technology, regardless of age. Your mom probably uses emojis on WhatsApp, your Dad has shared a meme about Mondays, and you’ve probably spoken to both of them with a video call because it creates a stronger connection than a simple phone call.

Next time you’re in a meeting, remember to look outside and really observe people. It can be so refreshing, and help reframe a project to make it more effective.

Maybe it’s time that all brands started thinking this way: to be less judgemental and more inclusive.