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Breaking down silos (and myths)

Breaking down silos (and myths)

How cross-media attribution proves the long-term value of campaigns

Claudia Gelbe

Domain Expert Media, Insights Division

Kantar, Germany

Today's world is driven by technology, with consumers using a variety of devices and media. Consequently, brands also have plenty of touchpoints at their disposal, bringing opportunities but also risks. The platforms available enable deeper interaction with consumers in a variety of ways, but brands also run the risk that a lot of their content is never actually seen.

For brands, it's highly challenging to generate growth in today’s fragmented media landscape. BrandZ data shows that fewer than one in 10 brands manages to build brand value in the long term.

However, strong brands still create enormous value – growing significantly faster than the stock market. What’s their secret?

What brands need is an agile and integrated construct of data-driven insights that help define and build the brand, but also help manage it in the long term. It is important to identify the relevant patterns in the ocean of available data and ultimately to develop strategies out of those to generate growth.

In the 2019 Kantar Getting Media Right study, “Marketing in Motion”, Kantar Global Head of Media Effectiveness Jane Ostler paints a picture of today’s marketing landscape: “This new research indicates that marketers still have a long way to go when it comes to cross-channel measurement and proving ROI.”

It is clear to all that being able to measure and prove the results of campaigns is a top challenge; one that is both the focus and likely the ire of many, as we’re often judged primarily on results.

Being able to combine results of marketing campaigns from various channels and platforms, as well as from brand engagements outside typical advertising, is crucial for not only understanding the performance of marketing but also to inform future strategies.

While a small portion of marketers – more so among agencies and media owners – are beginning to integrate ROI results from across platforms, a much larger portion are using results from these measurements separately, largely because traditional results from a multi-touch attribution (MTA) study don’t align with marketing mix modeling (MMM) and the ability to combine is just not there – so they’re still used in silos. For many, MTA is used primarily for digital measurement, while other activities are primarily measured using MMM.

To create the synergies needed in an omnichannel world, marketers need to create unified measurement solutions.

Kantar has been conducting CrossMedia studies since 2012, having completed more than 1,000 studies globally, and over 50 in Germany alone. This enables us to compare results against our benchmarks and understand the true impact of a campaign.

CrossMedia measures the effectiveness and efficiency of multi-channel campaigns and isolates the impact of each channel on a brand.

Every channel in the media mix can contribute to the short or long-term impact on a brand, but it is crucial to define a clear role for each channel, a raison d'être in the media mix. That’s why campaign planning should never start with the production of a TV commercial, but rather with a great idea than can be executed across channels in a way that maximizes the potential of each touchpoint.

This is not just a logical idea, it’s one that pays dividends. We have found that integrated campaigns with advertising content adapted for each channel deliver 57 percent better returns for the brand.

It is only through integrated campaign planning that we create the potential for the effects of synergy. According to our XM database, synergies through reach overlaps or intelligent phasing count, on average, for 20 percent of the effect of a campaign. What is often underestimated is the effect generated by creative synergies, by a unified creative magnifier or unique brand signals across touchpoints.

CrossMedia offers the possibility to break down silos and to provide a uniform and, above all, comparable measurement tool across all channels to help marketers maximize the ROI of their marketing investment. Short- and long-term brand impact can be achieved by reaching the right people in a relevant context with outstanding content. Only when this triad of targeting, media and creation works in harmony do brands maximize the ROI of their marketing investments.