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Company: BrewDog PLC

Brand value: US$1,210 million

Change since 2018: 40%

Headquarter city: Ellon

Category: Alcohol

Year formed: ‎2007

The Brewdog craft beer brand takes an anti-establishment approach to both the category and its communications. In 2018, it urged beer drinkers not to “buy the advertising”, and gave away a million pints of its flagship Punk IPA in a huge sampling exercise. This year, it bought advertising space during “Game of Thrones” claiming to be “the most honest ad you’ll ever see” – 30 seconds of a BrewDog beer can on a white screen with the word “ADVERT” on the screen. Other ads in the campaign include the same image on bus sides, labelled “Advert on a bus”. In May this year, BrewDog launched alcohol-free Punk AF, but hit controversy when the brand’s former agency claimed credit for the idea. The dispute has since been settled amicably. The brand is now looking to raise £7 million in new investment, and is offering a lucky draw prize worth £1 million in shares to incentivise people to invest. Brewdog operates 48 bars and a hotel.