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British Gas

British Gas

Company: Centrica PLC

Brand value: US$2,726 million

Headquarter city: Windsor

Industry: Energy

Year formed: 1812




British Gas is the UK’s leading energy supplier, serving around 11 million customers with both gas and, since 1998, electricity. It is one of the world’s oldest companies, with a history dating back over 200 years. Its communications slogan is “Looking after your world”, and the brand has recently been working to offer more personalised services that improve customer retention and engagement with the brand. In 2016, British Gas launched a campaign to promote the government smart meter initiative, which aims to provide more accurate energy bills. In the ads, British Gas mascot penguin Wilbur introduces the new FreeTime plan, which gives customers with smart meters free electricity between during certain weekend hours. The campaign chimes with a broader effort to position British Gas as a modern and digital brand; the brand has recently changed its media agency after more than a decade with the same agency partner[JB1] . It is also offering rewards to customers such as discounts on energy, and access to Sky TV. Centrica is listed on the London Stock Exchange.