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Building seamless experiences across many touchpoints

Fanny Murhayati

Marketing Director

Kantar Indonesia


Building seamless experiences across many touchpoints

Experience is becoming more important than simply owning or consuming a product. For brands, this means generating excitement for consumers through many different touchpoints. The aim is to be selected at the moment of truth by being available when consumers want them. One strong example of how this can be done well is Aice, a challenger ice-cream brand. Aice is growing across socio-economic groups by offering both value for money and ease of availability. Part of its success stems from providing freezers to residential areas.

Many brands are providing a brand experience by maximizing their social media presence to better connect with their consumers. Links with online influencers are another way to bring the brand experience closer to consumers. Cosmetics is one of the categories enjoying the growth fueled by brands’ efforts online; they are offering excitement around ways to “look good and feel good”. Beauty bloggers and vloggers are proving powerful aids to brands online, both to build awareness and influence purchase decisions.