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Building trust in uncertain times

Building trust in uncertain times

Sumant bhattacharya

National head – communication planning

Motivator, groupm


In this prevailing environment of uncertainty, trust could be the most powerful emotion that brands can evoke. There are certain facets that favor established brands. As trust is something that builds and unfolds over time, any brand that can point to a robust chronicle of existence should do so. Multi-category plays could cue a trust advantage as well, as such brands could be seen as entities that have proven their trustworthiness across a larger number of usage occasions.

While these examples appear to give certain kind of brands more purchase in the realm of trust, this isn’t strictly so.

Acts of good can come in handy. Trust can accrue outside of product and functional contexts – and thus, acts displaying compassion, grace, and empathy can build brand love and trust. Open, responsive brand culture is a great tool, too. A brand that communicates and engages honestly with its consumers, even on issues of product and service distress, comes across as an entity willing to do everything that it can to help people.