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Company: PT Bukalapak.com

Brand value: US$387 million

Year on year change: 30%

Headquarter city: Jakarta, Indonesia

Category: Retail

Year formed: January 2010

One of Indonesia’s unicorn businesses (worth over US$1 billion), Bukalapak is an online marketplace linking individual buyers and sellers of new and used goods. It claims to handle 2 million orders per day and have 50 million registered users. The brand often uses humorous advertising to help the brand stand out, and celebrity ambassador Dian Sastro has promoted special shopping days, such as “Special 2.2 and Harbolnas After 11”. An unintended viral campaign affecting the brand was the result of a tweet by company CEO Ahmad Zacky, who in early 20198 criticized what he described as low levels of funding for research and development, and said he wished a new president would bring change. Supporters of President Jokowi responded with the #UninstallBukalapak movement. The business has expanded into services for the public sector by offering digital payment services to the West Java provincial government.