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Company: Diageo Plc.

Brand value: US$336 million

Change since 2018: -1%

Headquarter city: Bundaberg

Category: Alcohol

Year formed: 1888

Bundaberg, known as “Bundy” is famous for its dark rum and for its range of other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Brand communications have recently focused on the rich heritage of Bundaberg; the 2018 “Unmistakably Ours” campaign, centred on a series of 15-second TV spots, telling the story of locally sourced ingredients and the expertise of the individuals who blend and distil Bundaberg products. More recent work includes a collaboration with Budgy Smuggler, an iconic Australian swimwear brand, to promote Lazy Bear, a ready-mixed Bundy rum with ginger and lime positioned as an alternative to beer. The campaign has led to a distinctly Bundy range of swimwear, and urges people to “hop into your Bundy Smugglers and pop open a Lazy Bear”. This year, Bundaberg has released the Johnathan Thurston commemorative bottle, to celebrate Australian of the Year 2018 and rugby league legend Thurston. Both of these recent campaigns underline Bundaberg’s Australian heritage.