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Company name: Burberry Group Plc

Brand value: US$3,847 million

Change since 2019: -18%

Category: Luxury

Headquarter city: London

Year formed: 1856

Burberry is a distinctly British luxury brand that has been increasing its focus on the potential of Asian markets, particularly China. This year has seen the launch of a “social retail” Burberry store in Shenzhen Bay, and a Chinese New Year campaign featuring a limited-edition Year of the Rat capsule collection and online game, Ratberry, to feed rising demand among young Chinese consumers for interactive digital content. Other recent innovations include an augmented reality shopping tool using Google Search technology, allowing shoppers to see Burberry products in the environment around them before they buy.

Burberry is a founding signatory of the UN Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action and aims to be carbon neutral by 2022; it is already carbon neutral in the Americas, and has set new climate goals for its owned operations and extended supply chain. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Burberry retooled a UK factory to make surgical masks; it also contributed to funding vaccine research by the University of Oxford, and donated to charities fighting poverty.