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Company: Mondelez International, Inc.

Brand value: US$3,840 million

Headquarter city: Uxbridge

Industry: Food & Dairy

Year formed: 1824


Cadbury is one of the country’s best known and loved chocolate brands, which grew out of a single chocolate factory in Birmingham. It produces chocolate in various forms, from bars to drinks, as well as seasonal specialities and gift boxes. The brand is instantly recognisable by the distinctive purple wrapping on its Dairy Milk range; other signature products include the Crème Egg, Flake bars, Double Decker and Crunchie. In 2010, Cadbury was bought by Kraft Foods (now Mondelez) in a move frowned upon by some sectors of the British public and labour unions, who were concerned about potential job losses in the UK and a sense of losing of a loved local business. Cadbury for many years focused on the milk content of its signature Dairy Milk but dropped this from its advertising and packaging in 2010. A high point for Cadbury advertising was the 2007 TV spot featuring a “gorilla” drumming along to the Phil Collins track “In the Air Tonight”. There have been controversies: in 2015 it was discovered that the recipe for Crème Egg had been changed to make it cheaper, and last year there was mocking when the word “Easter” was barely used in its big-budget Easter-season egg hunt campaign. In May 2017, Cadbury launched five ads to promote five of its individual chocolate bar brands, in a “Singles sensations” campaign. Cadbury products are available in international markets including Ireland, the US, Australia and India. Mondelez International is listed on the NASDAQ.