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Campaign integration maximizes the ROI in reach and placement

Campaign integration maximizes the ROI in reach and placement

Consistency across all brands assets is vital

After brand owners create content and achieve the best reach and placement, they face another challenge: ensuring clarity. Content that is insufficiently coordinated across media may raise brand awareness, but it can also leave consumers confused, diminishing ROI.

Although 82 percent of marketers believe that they have developed integrated campaigns, only 58 percent of consumers agree. Sometimes this disconnection between marketer belief and consumer perception results from structural problems, specifically marketing siloes inside the brand organization.

Consistency across brand assets is vital to avoid confusion and ensure maximum ROI. The logo, color scheme, and visual theme should be easily associated with the brand. In this respect, the China market is consistent with most other global markets.

The China market differs from most global markets in at least one marketing element: celebrities. Chinese consumers, like consumers in other parts of Asia, especially Korea and Japan, are more likely to respond to celebrity spokespersons. Celebrities serve as role models.

Of the Chinese brands that continued using a celebrity spokesperson over the past three years, 39 percent increased Brand Power, a BrandZ™ metric of brand equity that correlates with market share gain. Brands without a celebrity endorsement increased 23 percent in Brand Power. And brands with on-and-off celebrity endorsement increased only 13 percent.

Brand Implications

  • To protect the investment in creating and communicating content, brands must make sure that all messaging is coordinated, and campaigns inform consumers and do not confuse them.

  • There are so many celebrities in China today, brands need to be careful about appointing the right celebrity brand representative, which can be a movie star or a more relatable internet star. Choosing a celebrity in China often requires selecting a person who not only represents the qualities a brand wants to communicate, but also the image that the nation wants to project.

  • It is sometimes useful to select a celebrity for tactical short-term sales gains. It is always useful, and more reliable, to select a celebrity that aligns with the brand’s long-term strategic goals. And it is important to track the fluctuations in how various celebrities are accepted. Consumers can be fickle, and fame can have a short shelf life.

BrandZ™ metric of brand equity that correlates with market share gain.