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Parent Company: Canon Inc

Brand value: $6,655 million

Headquarter city: Tokyo, Japan

Industry: Technology

Year formed: 1937

Canon Inc is a leading electric equipment manufacturer that manufactures cameras, video equipment, office appliances, medical equipment, and semiconductor exposure equipment (steppers). Though the rise of smartphones has challenged Canon and other camera brands, Canon’s robust office and B2B businesses have bolstered the brand financially; meanwhile, a return to the company’s original roots in medical imaging should further secure Canon’s future. In recent years, Canon’s consumer and professional camera offerings have maintained their reputation for excellence, with the brand staying abreast of the segment’s “spec wars” with a focus on performance and innovation. The brand’s popularity in Japan has long been matched by its strength overseas in the Americas and Europe; and while marketing strategies vary by region, the brand DNA is underpinned by its iconic red logo, a philosophy of harmony called “kyosei,” and a focus on motivation and improvement called “san-ji.” The company is a leading holder of U.S. Technology patents and plants to continue its investments into R&D with a focus on IoT. Canon, Inc. Is listed on the Tokyo and New York Stock Exchanges.