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Capital One

Capital One

Company: Capital One Financial Corp

Brand Value: $4,472 Million

Headquarters: McLean, Virginia

Category: Banks

Year formed: 1988

Capital One is ninth-largest bank in the United States. While it has 750 branches and 2,000 ATM locations, most Americans know it from its wide range of credit cards, which it was the first brand to mass market in the 1990s. Capital One distinguishes itself in a saturated category largely through its use of data. Early on, it began using analytics to understand its customers’ spending patterns, enabling it to introduce products and rewards programs tailored to the requirements of specific types of consumers. With its relatively small physical footprint compared to its competitors, it often tries to reach out to younger, more tech-savvy customers who are more open to using digital banking services. Capital One has long used the tagline “What’s in Your Wallet?” and recently switched from its humorous Viking characters to celebrity endorsers. Its revenue, 90 percent of which is in the United States, rose 7 percent year-over-year in Q2 2017.