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Carrefour 2020 #10 (+2)

Parent Company: Carrefour SA

Brand value: $6,392m (US$)

Change since 2019: +5%

Category: Retail

Headquarter city: Boulogne-Billancourt

Year formed: 1959

Carrefour has more than 5,500 stores across France and over 12,000 across the world, in a range of formats, including hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, and cash-and-carry outlets. The brand is highly active across Europe, Asia and Latin America; it is best known as a value-for-money retailer with a broad selection of products and brands in its stores, but is also seeking to deepen its presence in the e-commerce sector, and position itself as an innovator. Carrefour recently partnered with Google in France on a new connected grocery shopping experience and the launch of an innovation lab in Paris. Alexandre Bompard has led the business as Chairman and CEO since mid-2017 and has been implementing a wide-scale transformation plan which is due to reach fruition in 2022. The plan includes boosting Carrefour’s omnichannel offering and rolling out the Act for Food initiative for better, healthier eating and food production. Carrefour plans to achieve €5 billion in food e-commerce sales and €5 billion in organic food sales by 2022, and aims to reduce costs by €2 billion a year by 2020. The business has formed a strategic buying alliance with Tesco. Results in 2018 were encouraging, with 1.4 percent revenue growth demonstrating the first effects of the new growth model.