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Cars: Brand Building Action Points

Brand Building Action Points


1.     Value the past

Find the bits of brand heritage that can add enhancement to mainstream brands and tell a more textured and interesting story. When applicable, explain how a car brand became part of the larger culture.


2.     Talk about the future

Consumer wants to know that the car they purchase today will be worth something tomorrow. Being seen as innovative and future-focused helps reassure consumers that the brand will sustain its value.


3.     Think differently

Car brands traditionally have been divided into categories—mass and class. It is now more useful to think about how the car brand fills a particular consumer need. In this dichotomy the brand is either utilitarian (for getting from Point A to Point B), or experiential (for enjoying the journey).


4.     Fix the buying experience

People buy cars similarly to the way they buy other things—with a lot of online research and a trip to brick and mortar locations for touch and trial, as necessary. Typically, car buyers do not expect their trip to the dealer to be uplifting. Surprise them.


5.     Be electrifying

In the shift to electric vehicles it is important to communicate more than the environmental and functional benefits of the technology. The excitement of driving needs to remain part of the brand story.