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Piers Lindsay-Taylor

Director, Sales and Client Management

Kantar Millward-Brown




Heritage helps

sustain brands

going forward



What is electric, autonomous, bought online and used every day?  A car or a washing machine? The suggested future of automotive could be worrying to the aspiring brand marketer.  Brand becomes more of an irrelevancy in a world where cars are simply about transportation, even if they’re electrified and available in various ownership models.  For the shrewd automotive brand a means of avoiding a future of commoditized machines has been to draw on the brand’s ‘soul’. For example, some brands, taking note of a growing classic car market, are looking backward to sustain their future desirability, dialing up a sense of heritage through reimagining classic models.  However, in future, conveying a sense of soul could be about provenance or experience, for example. There is value in the story behind a brand and product and this is a key lever to pull to be a sustainable brand in a category that is being disrupted by tech.  One thing is certain. Automotive brands that invest only in mobility solutions might as well not be a brand in the future.