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Cars Insight | Experience


Matt Woodhams

Brand Director, Client Service

Kantar Consulting



Cars buying

is emotional

and utilitarian


There are two distinct trends: car as “white goods” and car as self-actualization. Both address the question of what is the best way to monetize the automotive opportunity. At one end is transportation as a commodity; mobility solutions that enable people to move from Point A to Point B on demand. The per-mile cost of a given journey is higher than for a car owner, but the passenger doesn’t care because an owned car stands idle 95% of the time and requires the owner to take on the burdens of taxation, depreciation, and maintenance.  It’s the hassle free, “smart” solution. At the other end, manufacturers are building ever more experiential cars. Brands are leaning on their heritage and reimagining models from the past that are very emotive and provide much more than a commuting experience. Brands with classic models span the mainstream to the esoteric, track only exotica, and at the top end these cars work as investable asset, similar to the art market – invest, enjoy and reap the financial rewards.