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Ryan Shaw

Creative Director

Landor Southeast Asia


Meeting the millennial challenge

In the eyes of millennials, the world’s most successful brands need to be both leading the way in their category and true to authentic, deeply held beliefs. A paradox of sorts, this proves to be an interesting challenge for brands. One thing is for sure, a strategically rudderless brand will never be either leading nor perceived to be true to anything. Strategy must come first – the brand’s course must be charted before the start of the journey to ensure the brand gets to where it needs to be.

A clear brand ethos is needed – one that helps to ensure everything the brand does is driven by strategic intent. Nowhere is this more important than through every creative expression of the brand. Strategically relevant creative work can help brands stand out, stand for something, while never standing still. Creative for creativity’s sake will never achieve this. But an earnest manifestation of strategy brought to life will take brands down the road to sustainable success.