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Chat Me If You Can!

Chat Me If You Can!

Dr. Benjamin Stodt
Analyst Consumer Analytics

Advertisers are increasingly aware of the importance of precise targeting, and consumers are increasingly demanding communications and content that meets their own personal needs and interests.

To explore this further, [m]SCIENCE used qualitative and quantitative methodologies to ask media experts about the upcoming trends they see in media usage and advertising, and to seek consumers’ opinion on these trends and how they relate to different product sectors.

From an expert’s perspective:

(1) the possibility for consumers to directly contact brands and

(2) the ability to send personalized advertising through messenger services

emerged as trending topics for the near future.

Research among consumers indicated that one in three would use messenger services to contact a brand; for example, to ask about a product. And one in five said that individualized promotions through messenger services would be helpful and beneficial. Consumers indicated that this kind of brand communication would be best suited to categories in which detailed explanations are needed, such as: finance, healthcare and telecommunications.