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China 2015: BRAND PROFILE | 13. China Telecom

COMPANY China Telecom Corporation, Ltd. 

BRAND VALUE US$ 9.9 Billion 



INDUSTRY Telecom Providers 


China Telecom received government approval to operate a 4G network, late in 2013. The license enables the company to introduce 4G handsets in 16 cities during 2014, and to plan for what it calls “New China Telecom” within five years. During the transition, China Telecom will serve users in rural areas with
3G and focus 4G on urban customers. Implementation includes:

  • Accelerating 4G infrastructure development.
  • Launching products that drive data usage and rely on multiple devices.
  • Moving further into mobile payment and other innovations that especially appeal to young people.
  • China’s largest fixed line telecom, China Telecom Corporation Ltd. operates through two holding companies that were listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2002, and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2006.

    Net income increased 12 percent to $1.9 billion on revenue of $26.9 billion, a 6 percent rise, for the first half of 2014. For the full year 2013, net income rose 20 percent to $2.9 billion on a 17 percent increase in revenue to $52.3 billion.