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Of the 21 product and service categories tracked in BrandZTM Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands, 12 categories rose in value, seven declined and two remained the same.

Retail led the categories in brand value growth with a rise of 3,827 percent driven by Alibaba, which appeared for the first time in the BrandZTM Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands.

With Alibaba removed from the calculation the retail category still appreciated in value a healthy 64 percent.

Technology surpassed banks as the category with the largest total brand value, $106.9 billion or almost one-quarter of the total brand value of the BrandZTM Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands 2015.

These are important developments because they reflect how the liberalization of China’s economy is unleashing dramatic growth in the value of market-driven brands.

Eight of the nine brands in the technology category are market driven, in contrast to the nine banks, which are predominantly SOEs (State Owned Enterprises).

The ascendancy of market-driven brands also is evident in the growth leading categories over the past five years. Between 2011 and 2015, retail appreciated 1,893 percent in brand value, driven by Alibaba and other market-driven brands. Technology increased 327 percent in brand value.

Brand value is concentrated among a few categories, with the technology and banks categories comprising almost 45 percent of the total value of the BrandZTM China Top 100.

Retail led category value growth... 

Retail led in year-on-year value growth driven by the entrance of Alibaba. But even without Alibaba the retail category increased 64 percent in value.

Brand contribution measures the influence of brand alone on earnings on a 1-to-5 scale, 5 highest.

* The year-on-year value growth is large because only one brand appeared in these categories last year, and Alibaba was one of the new brands in retail.