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China 2015: CATEGORY UPDATES | Retail

Retail (+3,827%)

The BrandZTM Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands2015, includes four retail brands compared with only one brand a year ago.

The most notable addition is Alibaba, whose arrival in the ranking, at number two, drove category value growth and suggests the impact of ecommerce. Even without Alibaba, however, retail brand value rose 64 percent.

Suning, the single retailer ranked last year, advanced plans to strengthen its core appliance business with its physical stores, but also devoted significant attention to ecommerce, opening its online platform to more third-party collaboration.

The grocer brand Yihaodian, which operates only online, expanded its product range and strengthened its distribution capabilities, locating package pick-up locations in major apartment developments and at over 300 FamilyMart locations in Shanghai.

In another example of effective O2O, online-to-offline integration, Yonghui Superstore introduced a click and collect app that enables customers to shop and pay online with their mobile devices and pick up purchases at a physical location.

Ecommerce was further strengthened with the rapid emergence of mobile payment options offered my most banks, often in collaboration with a powerful Internet brand like the portal Tencent, or Baidu, the search leader.