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Mark Englehart Evans

Senior APAC Digital Strategist Blue Hive, 

Asia Pacific 


The China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) recently reported: “E-business enterprises have shifted from being ‘price driven’ to being ‘service driven’ ... which has improved the consumption experience of online shopping.” And 61 percent of Chinese consumers would buy a vehicle online if given the opportunity, according to a recent independent study.

While China may be far from a country where consumers primarily buy cars online, auto brands must embrace the growing consumer preferences for on-demand information and improved shopping experiences, a principle that applies to brands across categories.

Done well, brands can deliver new consumer-centric, personalized service through digital and social channels that not only engage shoppers and deliver customer satisfaction, but also harness the digital “network effect” of happy consumers sharing their experiences with their digital communities.

The challenge is how brands manage traditional networks of dealers and service centers to meet consumer expectations of smooth, low friction digital shopping that still fundamentally requires real-life actions from consumers.