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Shuang Xu

Director of Corporate and Public Affairs 




The globally minded middle class consumer has emerged as the dominant force in the Chinese market. These consumers look for goods and services that provide both high quality and emotional satisfaction. They are very loyal to brands they genuinely trust.

Also, they are more internet-savvy, and more likely to seek third-party shopping advice and experience through online portals and social media. Indisputably, China has become one of the world’s largest e-retail markets. A disproportional amount of electronic purchases

occur on ecommerce platforms where retailers and individuals provide products and services to consumers through online storefronts on Taobao.com or JD.com, which are analogous to eBay or Amazon.

This phenomenon is not simply a shift in distribution channels. Since technology provides wide consumer access to Internet and e-retail platforms, ecommerce drives significant incremental consumption, particularly from consumers in regions with less developed bricks and mortar retail.