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China 2015: INSIGHTS | HUMOR

Panos Dimitropoulos

Account Director, 

Cultural Insight Added Value, 



Chinese consumers for the first time in many years have reasons to be optimistic. They are enjoying the prospect of a better future and beginning to experience freer self-expression. This optimism takes shape in the form of humor and laughter, a common and rediscovered feature of the Chinese personality.

At the same, time humor provides consumers moments of escape from their newly adopted hectic business lifestyle. From exchanging digital humorous content to an increase of comedies in mass media, humor is making a triumphant comeback. Brands are increasingly tapping into this phenomenon for their communication, through the use of lighthearted tone of voice, puns, comical facial expressions, gags and sarcasm.

But this is only humor in its infant stages and early expressions. Emergent and more premium brands can employ a more intellectual type of humor that is the only logical evolution of the present condition. Wit, black humor and satire can prove powerful tools for brands that want to connect with consumers in the near future.