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Dan Ingall

Managing Director 

JWT, Shanghai 


Innovation has turbocharged the mobile space over the past year, most notably Tencent’s WeChat with its stream of new product development that, unsurprisingly, track Tencent’s rise in brand value.

Chinese marketing departments are abuzz with talk of mobile- first strategies, even in traditionally conservative and low involvement categories. Brand leaders are moving beyond ticking the box and toe-in-the-water testing to properly integrating mobile into long-term strategies based on increasingly solid data and analytic footings.

While the mobile opportunity is enticing to most, brands shouldn’t start with the channel. Start with the consumer and a timeless brand idea, still the best source of sustainable differentiation. Define what role mobile is to play across the purchase journey and what types of content target consumers respond best to at each stage – from entertainment in video and games to utility in apps. Let creativity do the rest.