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Douglas Dew

Practice Leader of Public and Corporate Affairs 


China douglas.dew@bm.com

When evaluating a foreign multinational company (MNC), many Chinese stakeholders care primarily about two things: to what extent is this company relevant to and contributing to the achievement of China’s development goals; and does this company have a good attitude about China, is it responsible, respectful and understanding?

Many Chinese stakeholders view MNCs principally as instruments of China’s development. At the same time – and from myriad aspects – Chinese stakeholders increasingly see certain foreign MNCs as impediments or less relevant to China’s development in its current phase.

Foreign MNCs need to carefully monitor and evaluate China’s evolving development agenda to position themselves effectively for success. China is changing fast and MNCs need to keep up.

Given China’s goal to move up the value chain, foreign companies that can tell a story about contributing to innovation in and with China have a very good opportunity to differentiate.