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Sophie Shen

General Manager, Media and Consumption Behavior CTR 



Consumption is becoming more emotionally motivated. According to our CNRS-TGI data, the agreement degree towards the statement, “I make purchases as long as I like the products, no matter if they are useful or not,” has increased from 36.8 percent to 39.5 percent.

However, the purchasing process has become more rational. It’s now a “must” to reference user reviews and make price comparisons before buying. The percentage of people who agree with the statement, “My family and friends often ask me about which brand of products they should buy,” has increased from 57.7 percent to 63.8 percent. Similarly, 27.4 percent say they’re willing to spend time and effort to do product comparison when it comes to making final purchases, up from 14.4 percent.

Brand owners must meet these twin challenges: create a shopping experience that connects to customers emotionally; and satisfy the customers’ need for testimonials and other rational reasons to purchase.